Yan Jianping was born in Shanghai, China, and his childhood love of painting was influenced by the Western impressionist movement. Until middle school, his impressionist style was self-taught. Most of the time keen on painting outdoor scenes, such as streets, parks, and the Shanghai Bund, he also often returned to Luoyang, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Qingdao, Chongqing, Chengdu and other places, painting nearly a thousand works. In the 1970's, he became a disciple of Mr. Liu Haisu, a Chinese painting master and was under his guidance for eight years. In 1978, he began working with oil painting and sculpture at a Shanghai studio. After the Cultural Revolution, and with the help of five others, he helped organize the first exhibition in China without government support. His master Mr. Liu Haisu personally wrote an inscription for the exhibition and cut the ribbon. In the late 70's, he participated in the Shanghai Art Museum's spring and autumn exhibitions.

In July of 1985, he immigrated to Peru. Thanks to his experience with outdoor painting and creativity, he gained a keen eye for color and began to explore how to combine Eastern and Western cultures in his works. Using traditional Chinese ink wash and traditional Western oil painting techniques, he creates unique combinations of light and subtlety that show a unique natural landscape on the canvas. In September of that year, he received an honorary award (MENCION HONROSA) at a Peru Cultural Center watercolour competition. He has gone on to receive honorary awards in Italy and Argentina. From 1987 to 2013, he has held several solo exhibitions. He has also participated in larger exhibitions in the Pedro de Osma Museum in Lima.
Honorable Mentions
  • 1985 Watercolor Salon in the ICPNA - ICPNA Lima-Peru
  • 1987 Salon of Watercolor Museum of Italian Art - Italian Museum Lima-Peru
  • 1989 Argenina Embassy Expo, Gallery of Commerce in Bank Competition - Lima-Peru
Individual Exhibitions
  • 1987 Lima - Peru - Solo Exhibition of drawings and oil paintings, Gallery Instituto Cultural Peruano American
  • 1988 Lima - Peru - Solo exhibition, Oils. Goya Gallery
  • 1989 Lima - Peru - Solo exhibition. Sol Art Gallery
  • 1994 Lima - Peru - To celebrate the 17th Anniversary of the SUN Art Gallery Exhibition
  • 1996 Lima - Peru - Exhibition of 5 artists Art Gallery SUN
  • 1997 Lima - Peru - From 1997 to 2003 he participated in the Annual Exhibition of Peruvian Navy Cultural Center
  • 2012 Lima - Peru - Solo Exhibition, Gallery in the Business Club
  • 2015 Shanghai-China - Solo exhibition at the Golden Apple Gallery , theme "Memories Shanghai"
Grupal Exhibitions
  • 1978 China - Shanghai - Shanghai 1978 spring and 1979 autumn Oil Painting hall, Collective Exhibition
  • 1980 China - Shanghai - Hongkou Park six painters Collective exhibition
  • 1987 Lima - Peru - China Cultural Week, Palace Osambela
  • 1988 Lima - Peru - Group Exhibition of Drawings in the Argentina embassy
  • 1991 Lima - Peru - Group Exhibition, Gallery Commercial Bank
  • 1992 Lima - Peru - Group Exhibition, Art Gallery Monet
  • 1992 Lima - Peru - Group Exhibition America 92
  • 1995 Lima - Peru - Group Exhibition at Museo Pedro de Osma
  • 1996 Lima - Peru - group exhibition at the Municipal Gallery of Miraflores