Yan Jianping is a painter living in Peru. Born in Shanghai, China, he immigrated to Peru in 1985. His technique is a combination of traditional Chinese ink wash and Western impressionism, honed by over ten years of self-taught work and the guidance of Mr. Liu Haisu, a Chinese painting master.

On December 6, 2013, the Chinese artist Jianping Yan another indivitual exhibition was held at the "Business Club" in Lima. The exhibition will feature 24 paintings, the theme is "The poetry of light and shadow", fully present the style of artist Jianping Yan style building from the 80s, in the program of traditional Chinese aesthetics, contemporary aesthetic charm of a deep knowledge of language The harmonious blend of Chinese painting and Western knowledge.

On 23 January 2016, another solo exhibition was held at the Golden Apple Gallery in Shanghai-China, the theme is "Memories Shanghai" Total has presented 48 of the most outstanding works, painted outdoors makes forty years, the exhibition date from January 23 to February 22, 2016