The theme Memories Shanghai, Jianping Yan 48 works painted outdoors in the year 70 were exhibited at the Golden Apple Gallery Shanghai-China
Theme "Shanghai memories", display the 48 oil painting by JianPing Yan forty years ago, these vivid sciences in Shanghai are extremely eye catching and rich charming with a French Impressionism style. These pictures provoke you greatly appreciating JianPing painting works with a unique circle strokes and colors mutual interaction after colors were blended well and with a abundance of ethereal flavor, so that get into a real painting imaginary realm by bubbling through his talent The style of the Impressionism masters works we are familiar to consider in detail, in terms of Western painting belongs to history, but let history splendor, and moved to the East from the West, which depends on the artists throughput capacity and logistics wisdom, Shanghai Yan Jianping of these landscapes, proved his talent.